Digital Sublimation

This method of Branding has become our fastest growing division.
Dye Sublimation Printing - basically allows us to print our own fabric with any digital image or design, in full high quality colour.
The process involves transferring a digitally printed image from a transfer paper onto a piece of fabric, through exposure to heat and pressure.
We have the advantage of having both flat panel and roll printing options in-house.
If you have a full colour logo or a lifestyle image that you want incorporated into your product – Sublimation is the way to go

Roll to Roll Sublimation

This process allows us to print fabrics by the meter.
The transfer paper and material are fed through the heat roller press simultaneously resulting in longer length runs of fabric, that is then ready for cutting.


By far our biggest division. This is where your branded products start nearing completion.
The sewing & stitching processes of our products include, Piping, Binding, Over-locking, Pattern Sewing, Zip Attachment and more….
We boast some of the most state of the art machines, and have highly skilled operators and machinists that deliver high quality finished good to our clients.

Digital UV Printing

A really cool process that allows for high quality branding of full colour logos onto many types of promotional items such as pens, key rings, books, mugs, golf balls and more...
An ultra violet light travels behind the CMYK Print head, it cures the ink that is printed onto most Glass, Plastic, Metal or wood substrates.
The big advantage of the digital UV Process is that because it is a digital process, items can be PERSONALISED at very affordable costs
i.e. we can print 60 Golf Balls at a time, each with an individual name! – how cool is that?

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.
Your logo or artwork is produced as a positive that is exposed onto a silk mesh screen before the best suitable type of ink is pushed through the screen onto the desired substrate, hence the need or requirement for vector artwork.
A screen for each colour is made, and then registered as the screening process is completed in order of colour and position.
Various types of inks are used and may be self-curing or oven cured depending on the substrate or fabric used .
Screen printing allows for better fine detail branding than a process like embroidery and is a very popular method of branding in the promotional bag market.

Artwork Formats Supported for Screen Printing - Pdf / Corel / Ai / Eps


Your logo stitched onto fabric or material using state of the art, computer controlled sewing machines. Your artwork is digitised into a stitch file, which is then loaded onto the embroidery machine and is interpreted by the machine by colour and type of stitching required.
The embroidery process results in a great textured and contrasting form of branding, but logo’s often need to be simplified and re-sized to obtain best results.
We are at a big advantage in that most of our products can be embroidered as flat panels before any CMT or assembly takes place, allowing us to optimize both size and position of the desired logo
Artwork Formats Supported for Embroidery - Jpeg / Bmp / Pdf / Corel / Ai

Gerber Cutting

Our most costly piece of equipment.
This table cutter has really helped increase our capacity of work. All our bag panels and components were previously cut by hand or on a clicker press with a pattern knife.
Now we are able to electronically digitize each pattern or piece, and create a cut file that the Gerber Cutter can process as a cut file for an entire bag style, and cut it in a matter of minutes. This means we can start branding and sewing the order much quicker than ever before.

HF Welding

We offer an extensive range of PVC Welded goods such as travel wallets, PVC Ziplock Bags, Drawstring Bags, etc
PVC Panels are welded together through a High Frequency Heat welding process. We also use this process to emboss logos into the PVC at time of production and also make Leatherette, PU and Rubber sew on badges using the same method.